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In math the second graders have been working hard at learning to create graphs as well as other higher level math.


The 2nd graders are also learning to compare and contrast. For examples they are learning to contrast against 3 different versions of the 3 little pigs.

In Language Arts, the second grade class is reading three different versions of "The Three Little Pigs." They are learning to compare and contrast. 

In math class the 2nd graders are learning to read and write graphs. This is setting the foundation for other higher level math problems.

2nd grade parents should be prepared for the up coming conferences next Thursday where they will be discussing their children's performance and what the best steps would b for the future.

Recently, the Norwayne Elementary School held their yearly Halloween party. As seen in these pictures, the costumes are very impressive!

A note from the teachers: We will begin a short story called "A Turkey for Thanksgiving" next Monday. Guess who is invited to eat at Thanksgiving Dinner? Ask your child!

During the month of October, the second grade class is reading about life cycles. They started this month about the life cycle of a pumpkin, moving on to read about frogs during the second half of the month. Also, the second grade has focused on learning about main idea, fact an opinion, and text features

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2nd Grade had Kelly Riley from SWCD come in to present our class with a duck migration activity!

The second grade class took a field trip to the Akron Zoo.

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