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5th Grade!

  • Gibson Henico: Gibson is interested in fixing things and enjoys math and language arts. He enjoys playing basketball with his friends, and his favorite food is pizza.

  • Trent Anderson:

  • MaKenna Erhard: MaKenna is very involved in Taekwondo. In her free time she enjoys driving her golf cart. She loves mac and cheese, and her favorite subject is math. She loves making people happy. 

  • Bayleigh Harklau: Bayleigh enjoys reading and sports. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. In her free time she likes to do arts and crafts. She is active and loves dogs. 

  • Lyric Friend: Lyric loves m&m's and anything breakfast related. She is involved in the Impact Club and volleyball. She enjoys listening to music, gymnastics, and art. Her favorite subject is art and language arts. 

  • Breyden Wohlgamuth: Breyden enjoys football and baseball. His favorite food is pizza. He enjoys math this year, and in his free time he likes to play football with his friends.

  • Lillian Baker: Lillian is involved in the Chess Club, Archery Club, and loves listening to music. Her favorite subject is language arts. She enjoys watching t.v. and is currently learning to speak Italian.

Here are your December 5th grade student spotlights! Congratulations to all of them!

5th Grade!

These are the November 5th grade Student Spotlights!
  • Josefina Farias: Josefina has been keeping her eye on the learning target this month and keeps our 5th-grade team strong by leading by example. We are proud of all the hard work she is doing at school!

  • CJ Brezina: CJ has been a leader for our fifth-grade students. He shows kindness to others and always has a positive attitude!

  • Cole Gasser: Cole plays basketball and enjoys farming. His favorite subject in school is math. He loves to snack on Snickers.

  • Zachary Johnson: Zachary is on a bowling team. In his free time, he likes to play flight sims on the computer and play outside. His favorite subject is science. His favorite food is tacos. He also is very knowledgeable about World War II.

5th Grade!

Here are your 5th grade young author award winners!

  • Lyric Friend
  • Gibson Henico
  • Makenna Erhard
  • Lillian Baker
  • Trent Anderson
  • Bayleigh Harklau
  • Breyden Wohlgamuth

5th Grade!

Here is what the 5th graders are currently learning!

Science) The Solar System

Language Arts) Reading "Number the Stars"

Math) Multiplying Decimals

Social Studies) Opinion paper on the Kudzu plant

5th Grade!

Our "green thumb" team consists of Camron Breece, Nathan Walls, London Hershberger, and Alyssa Harmicar. They volunteer to weed the Habitat Garden during their recess time. 


  • Nathan Walls likes to play baseball. He enjoys being outdoors. You will often find him fishing and hunting. He loves to snack on M&Ms. 

  • Alyssa Harmicar will often be playing with her puppy. She, too, will help her dad with the plants he has at home. Alyssa likes to play volleyball and eat tacos.

  • London Hersberger also likes to help her family with outside work. She participates in gymnastics. She enjoys playing with her inside cat and eating ice cream.

  • Camron Breece loves to play outside and help his mom. You will often find him playing video games and he enjoys a delicious steak. 

  • Adison Wilkinson- Adison has been making our fifth-grade team stronger by going above and beyond to help other students in need. 

These are the October 5th grade Student Spotlights!

5th Grade! 

Here is what the 5th graders are currently learning!

Language Arts- Finishing up their young Author story's

Science- Ecosystems

Math- Multiply and divide fractions

5th Grade! 

The Norwayne 5th grade football team is now 5-0, Congratulations to all of the coaches and the players

The Bobcats have defeated the following teams
  • Copley Indians

  • Kenmore Rams

  • Nordonia Knights

  • Revere Minuteman

  • Medina Highland Hornets 

5th Grade!

Here is what the 5th graders are currently learning

Language Arts- Getting ready for young authors (Writing a story)

Science- Food chains and Food webs

Math- Long division

Science- Biomes

5th Grade!

The 5th graders are going to get a visit from the Norwayne football team after they read to the 2nd graders.

5th Grade!

5th Grade Teachers

  • Angela Deiotte

  • Jennifer Evans

  • Bethany Hess

  • Megan Leone

Welcome everyone! This will be the leading site to get all your information on the Norwayne Elementary 5th grade students!

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