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Welcome to the 6th Grade
Home for all the news from Mr. Besancon, Mrs. Kerns, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Zimmerly's classes!


The 6th Graders recently made edible cell models for Mr. Zimmerly's class!


In Mr. Stanley's Class, students have been working on the wrap up project for the Egyptian unit. This project is an 8-page pop-up book. Each page will have 2 pop-ups with background drawings. The book also includes a title page, as well as information about the author on the back. A very fun way to wrap up the Egyptian unit!


Here are the winners of November´s Argument Battles! The topic of debate was the best Thanksgiving food. Congratulations to the winners!


In Mr. Zimmerly's class, students have been learning about matter and atoms. To end the unit, students constructed a model of an atom of their choosing. Students had a great time making and showing off their atoms!


This month, Mrs. Kerns' classes debated which candy was the best! These are the winners from each of her classes! 

The 6th Graders have been hard at work making an ePortfolio website in Mrs. Kerns' class! Just click the button above and you can check out all their hard work! 


In Mr. Stanley's class, students are working on a project to wrap up their Mesopotamian unit! They are to include the geographical background as well as 5 placards of information on achievements from the Mesopotamian/Fertile Crescent region. They then drew a picture of the achievement and gave detailed information on the achievement. 


In Mrs. Kerns' class, students practiced their argument writing through a March Madness styled tournament debating what the best fair food is! Bri Ramsier won her class by arguing the gyro was the best: McKenzie McCall, Karlee Rupp, Willow Butler, and Maddy Workman won arguing French fries: Jayden Mitchell, Kyler Neuenschwander-Opliger, and Noah Hardwick won arguing walking tacos: and Zach Malpass, Brennan Much, Liz Neal, and Addi Ezje won arguing elephant ears! (Photo credits: Katie Kerns)


In Mr. Stanley's class, students were tasked with creating a floating object from scratch out of 10 in of seran wrap, 3 in of duct tape, and 10 straws. Their object had to be able to hold 25 pennies without sinking. Congratulations to the winners, A.J. Wolf and Colton Geitgey, for their objects being able to hold 53 pennies! (Photo credits: Mark Stanley)


Two weeks ago, Norwayne's 6th graders went to outdoor ed. They had a great time, learning a lot about the outdoors and having a fun time while doing it! (Photo Credits: Katie Kerns)

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