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Welcome to 7th Grade

In math class the week of 21st and the week of the 28th the 7th graders will be finding the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and pyramids (With a quiz to follow that up)

The week of February 28th and into March the 7th graders will be classifying triangles. Including finding the missing angle in a triangle, finding cross sections of shapes, working with similar shapes and scale factors

In Social Studies, the 7th graders are learning about the Middle Ages.

Social Studies is studying Ancient Rome until Christmas break and to finish up the 2nd quarter.

IMG_0120 (1).JPG
IMG_0119 (1).JPG

The 7th graders did a Weather escape room in Mr. Fultons class.

Mr. Klotzle's Youtube channel with sporting events:

7th art.jpeg

Here is some of the art projects from the 7th grade students.

7th tornado.jpeg

The 7th graders had a Tornado Chaser some in and talk to them about his career.

mr fulton.jpeg

Mr. Fulton's class was doing a cloud in a bottle activity.

In Mr. Baileys Social Study class, they were studying Ancient Greece, students created their own city-state banner and pledge and competed in a classroom Olympic simulation, in which students competed in various games related to our study of Ancient Greece. The winning city-state in each class was given a crown of leaves, which is what the winners of the ancient Olympics were given. Here are photos of the winning city-states from each of my cores. Students are show wearing their leaf crowns, in front of their city-state's banner/pledge.

7th FB_0001.jpeg

The 7th Grade Football team lost to the Northwest Indians last Thursday night.

Mr. Baileys history class did a Constitution escape room a couple weeks ago! Here are pictures of the 7th graders that completed the escape room.


Mr. Bailey and his history class are working on Ancient Greece for the 1st nine weeks. His students just completed a constitution escape room.

This page will be featuring a student spotlight for each month. We will be starting this in October.

Mrs. Reeds English class is writing walls of respect essays. They wrapped up their essays last Friday.

We will be doing updates on 7th grade sports for fall and winter.

Hello everyone! This page will provide all of the information for the class of 2027. We will be giving weekly updates about what is going on in the class at the time.

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