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Welcome to the Norwayne 8th Grade 

Here you can find all things going on in the Norwayne 8th Grade Class


In Mr. Kline's science class, students are learning about Planaria. These organisms can regenerate their limbs or body parts just like a starfish.

In this video, our 8th graders are busy creating

"Letters from Santa!"

Ava Maibach and Wyatt Holcomb pictured to the right. The two just finished a DNA Extraction Lab for a Genetics Unit in science class.


8th grade students gave speeches for student officers this week. In Mr. Kerns class, Mrs. Klauss has been teaching a Social Emotional Learning program that gives students skills and tools to cope with challenges in life. 


Reminder to 8th-grade parents and athletes,

To participate in a winter sport, athletes will need a physical that was within a year of playing. They will not be able to participate unless they have a physical.

Students in Mrs.Mey's 8th grade reading class are reading the book The Outsiders. Towards the end of the book, students will then dress up as the books characeters and watch the movie.

2021 student govt.jpg

Students just finished watching the Outsiders movie and watched it in style. They dressed up and ate food during the movie. The students liked this movie so much, they made custom shirts.

Students in Mr. Kline's 8th grade science class are learning about seismic waves and earthquakes. All information is on google classroom for students.


Week of 1/10-1/14

In Mr. Kline's 8th grade science class, students are finishing their unit on seafloor spreading. They will now be moving on to the plate tectonics unit.


February 2nd

 8th grade Language arts class students have finished up the holocaust, with learning, the Life of Anne Frank.

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