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Mrs.Smith's class has been preparing for their exams all week.

Open Textbook in Library

Students have been working on Mrs.Smith's GEM questions, which use critical thinking skills. They, also, are wrapping up their Romeo and Juliet unit and preparing for semester exam.

This week Mrs.Smith's class got to act out Romeo and Juliet with guest actors. 

this week Mrs.Smith's class finished reading Romeo and Juliet

Mrs.Smith's class finished reading Act 3 in Romeo and Juliet this week.

This week Mrs.Ford's class is working on reading and understanding Shakespeare.

This week in Mrs.Stumps class the students are writing essays.

Image by Aaron Burden

This week in Mrs.Ford's class the students are writing a report on whatever topic they chose. 

The students got all the way through Act 1 scene 3 in Mrs.Smith's Class in Romeo and Juliet this week. 

This week they kept reading Romeo and Juliet and also had a lesson three vocal test.

The students this week in Mr.Smith's class started to work on reading and learning about Romeo and Juliet.

The students this week got done reading through Act one scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet.

English 9 students finished a report on Shakespearean Theater, including information about the actors, audience, costumes, and stage. They worked on incorporating in-text citations within the report. Next, they have a Web Quest to complete as they explore more about William Shakespeare and the life and times of Elizabethan England as they prepare to begin reading The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

Comp: This week the Comp class is working on finishing their argumentative essays.
- 2/15/22


English 10: This week Mrs. Ford's class is taking practice AIR tests. The class also started reading a popular book, known as the Hunger Games.
- 2/16/22


English 9: Mrs. Smith's class just read The Necklace. They discussed the difference between theme and main idea.
- 2/15/22

Theme VS Main Idea

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