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10 Best Golf Tips for Beginners

  1. Play the Right Equipment.

  2. Focus on The Fundamentals.

  3. Double Check Your Alignment.

  4. Master Your Tempo.

  5. Don't Let Anger Get In The Way.

  6. Make Your Driver Your Best Friend.

  7. Practice Your Short Game.

  8. Tee It Forward.

Welcome to the Golf Page!

Golf is a player-focused sport rather than a team sport

Golf clubs and gear are supplied to the player from the team. 

The Norwayne Golf Seniors

The golf team finished the regular season with an overall dual record of 7-6 and a WCAL record of 7-5.

The WCAL Tournament is Friday, Sept. 24 at Mohican Hills Golf Course --- Norwayne enters the tournament tied for third in the WCAL.

Team members participating in the WCAL match include:

Devin Hartsoe, Jed Hanzie, Max Graham, Gavin Ferguson, Kaeil Mowrer, and Derek Pumphrey.

The OHSAA Sectional Golf Tournament is Wednesday, Sept. 29 at Pine Hills Golf Course in Hinckley.

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