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Here you can find what you need to know about the Middle School Special Education Class

 Here's what students are learning about for the week of 3/7 - 3/11

Language Arts - "Gateway - The Deep Space Launch Complex"

History - Review for a test coming up soon

Science - Egg Drop Experiment - protecting the egg and keeping it from cracking

Math - Temperature Changes

Field Trip - Students are going to the Lodi Outlet Mall on Friday!

 Here's what students are learning about for the week of 2/28 - 3/4

Language Arts - Iditarod Race

History - Services of a Bank 

Science - Experiment on Melting

Math - Positive and Negative Numbers

 Here's what students are learning about for the week of 2/14 - 2/17

Language Arts - Black History Month

History - Goods and services found in Ohio

Science - Lab about how much sugar is in different types of drinks and traits we get from our parents

Math - Basic division

 Here's a picture of students with the results of their melting experiment!

 Here's what students are learning about for the week of 2/22 - 2/25

Language Arts - Harry Potter

History - Goods 

Science - Experiment creating a chemical reaction

Math - Division

 Here's what students are learning about for the week of 2/7 - 2/1

Language Arts - 2022 Super Bowl

History - Homemade, handmade, production and making a product

Science - Model of a lung and how a person breathes

Math - basic fractions and equal parts

Here's what our class did in the first semester:


The Middle School Special Education Class runs the school story in the middle school concession stand. They are open during middle school lunches and during the 6th period of high school. Stop in to buy candy or other things like school spirit clothing

Students are studying fossils this week for science class. If you're looking for a place to purchase a pumpkins, the Middle School School Store is the place. Middle school students are getting there reward day in the school store where they get purchase items with their earnings.

The Middle School Special Education Class is reading "The Reefline", which is about an underwater waterpark in Florida. In science, students will be soundproofing sand. Students will learn about right angles in math and maps in history.


Visit the Norwayne Middle School School Store to get any necessities you may need for your school year. They have lots of school spirit clothing along with lots of school suplies. 

The Special Education Class took a trip to the Wayne County Fair to see the sights. Now in class, they are doing experiments with wool. Along with the wool, students are learning about a sheep festival that takes place in Idaho. 


Here are a few art projects from last week that students created. Students are now studying the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland, OH.

In Language Arts, students are learning about the "Glass City River Wall". This is an art mural project in Toledo of Ohio. In science, students are mixing paints as an experiment. In history, students are learning about how to read maps. In math, students are learning about congruent shapes. At the school store, students may order donuts this week which they will receive on November 23rd.

Students are reading "Holiday Train Show". They designed bridges. In math, students are studying 3d shapes. In history, students are are learning about the improvements of transportation and communication. For all middle school students, Thursday is the Bobcat Reward Day.


Gabe(right) and Drew(left) infront of their bridges. Students had to use different methods to see how many pennies their bridges could hold.

In Language Arts, students are learning about "Operation Santa Paws." In math, ratios with objects. In science, students are learning how to graph their favorite animals. Finally, in History, students are learning about how and why people move from one place to another.

What's students are learning - 1/3 - 1/7

LA-"American Women Quarters Program"-famous women put on quarters

History-Role of the President




Science-rocket experiment


LA-“James Webb Telescope”

History- Branches of Government 

Students will also be taking a field trip to the Dollar General.

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